How To Match Your Clothes – What To Pay Attention To

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Get Rid of The old Stuff

Many women have difficulties selecting the appropriate clothes, and they usually don’t have anything to wear. It often happens when you are about to attend an important meeting or going out with your friends. But, you can make your life much easier, by choosing the things that make you comfortable. Use fashion to express your personality and at the same time have some fun. Below you will find a few tips that will work for any woman.

Divide your clothes into categoriesFirst, get rid of old stuff

Simple – you won’t make room for new things if you don’t get rid of old ones. It will save you a substantial amount of time when you are in front of a mirror. When you start the de-cluttering process, just imagine that you are shopping. Would you buy all those things again? There is your answer. Donate them, give them to your kids as dress up or repurpose them, but make sure you get them out of your closet. By doing this, your closet will be more organized and your decisions easier.

Divide your clothes into categories

Most women don’t have personal stylists like celebrities have; they need to match their clothes on their own. The best way to avoid any confusions is to divide your closet into categories. For example, every day, business, special occasion and sports clothes. It will make your work much easier when combining and you will avoid making mistakes, which sometimes can appear really funny when you are out.

Three color rule

If you want to look sophisticated and well dressed, you shouldn’t wear more than three colors. Otherwise, your fashion look might seem messy and out of taste. I think that three colors are just enough to complete your daily combination, whether you are going to a business meeting or a night club. The really important thing is to know which colors to choose.

Again, this depends on your personality and the specific occasion. For business meeting choose darker colors, such as navy blue, black or brown, and for accessorizing, use some lighter color that will open the entire look. For everyday situation, choose lighter shades of blue, pink, gray or beige, and when you are out at a nightclub, you can select bolder combinations. Make sure that your makeup is also correct in that it matches your outfit choices and suits the occasion.

Now about materials

It is really important to get familiar with the materials and their structure. Avoid using cheap cotton or fabrics because that’s the first thing that people will notice. To complete your look, chose similar materials for lower and upper parts of your body. You can’t wear a wool skirt and silk shirt. Same goes for the length; your coat should be longer and vice versa.


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